Existing Offline Investors coming Online for the First Time

This facility is for the investors who have invested in Edelweiss Mutual Fund through Physical mode for the first time and wish to access the online services. Investors who fall under the below mentioned categories can avail the online services offered by us

 Resident Indian - RI
 RI - Minor
 Non Resident Indian - NRI
 NRI - Minor
 Hindu United family - HUF (Karta)

You need to create a User ID to access the login based services offered by us. User ID creation is one time process i.e. if you have investments with us in more than one folio number, you need to create the user ID only once.

To create the User ID you need to first generate the online PIN for your folio number. Incase you have more than one folio number, please choose any one of the folio number and generate PIN online. Please click here to generate your PIN instantly.

Incase you have generated PIN and have not created User ID, please enter the Folio Number and Transaction PIN allotted to the First Unit holder to create "User ID" for accessing your Edelweiss Mutual Fund Account online.

Folio Number
PIN (First Holder)

Incase you have already created the User ID click here to login and access the online services

Important Note: If you have more than one folio number and have already created the User ID, please login to the website and associate your folio number
to the created User ID